From Start-up to Scale-up


"Arkit Consultants/Neeraj Chandra evaluated the market viability and sustainable competitive differentiation for one of our portfolio companies. In a short timeframe we got a insightful, comprehensive and balanced report which is very valuable in deciding our way forward."

Erik Averink - Venture Partner
Frank Claassen - Partner

Newion Investments B.V.

"Neeraj worked very closely with me and my leadership team to deliver a new Strategic positioning, Branding and Messaging which added significant business value in rapidly growing our business."

John Pearce


Demandware Inc. 


"As part of the company goals to grow business volume 5 times in 5 years Neeraj devised a new Sales Global Account Management program that dramatically boosted Sales Productivity. Guiding and mentoring the team he quickly built strong commitment, and by interfacing the team with other critical resources he secured the success of the team.  
A second area that transformed the performance of Telelogic was a re-imagined Product Management function. Under Neeraj’s leadership Telelogic evolved a cohesive product offering from disparate acquired and organic products combined with creative pricing and packaging.
Neeraj’s strength is transforming strategic thinking into actionable work, identifying key resources, motivating and growing people in a team.
Both areas significantly contributed to increase the value of Telelogic, which led to the acquisition of Telelogic by IBM Inc."​

Ingemar Ljungdahl

Integration CEO

Telelogic AB.

“Neeraj was key to scaling up our business across Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Deployment functions rapidly, which significantly increased our enterprise value. His market insight and ability to work seamlessly with our team to drive concrete results was very valuable. I loved his flexibility in coaching and mentoring to up-skill my leadership team”

  P. Maheshwari 


  DocASAP Inc.